About Me

I’m so thankful you have taken the time to get to know me a little better.  I want to say up front: I am no one special!  God made me very unique and I am still on the path of discovering all the traits that make me; well…me!  I have definitely walked the road less traveled, but God left me a trail of breadcrumbs so that I could find my way to His path for my life.  So, while I may not know all the exact details – I know I walk with God and I’m good with that!  So, with the words of Brandon Heath’s song – “He’s Not Finished with Me Yet.” Amen!

My road has blessed me with a husband and children that love me and that I adore, as well as the countless people who have crossed my path, walked it with me for a time, or who are still walking on it today.  I cherish all those I have met along the road both good and bad because each encounter has shaped and molded me into the woman I am today.  While I regret some of my choices, grieve what was lost and even struggle a bit today – I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  Each trial, each battle, each loss and every victory has led me to a loving Father I may never have realized I needed if I didn’t go through all I have.

I have a passion for writing and love all the ways God communicates His love and understanding to me through the simplest things in life.  From Chocolate Cake to Elevators to Rivers…God uses everything to inspire me to write His messages for my life.  Each message is very personal (uncensored at times) and helps me realize how amazing He truly is when I live authentically in His grace.

B. Lee